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Directions for Use

  • Clean water if possible – replace water and remove algae for best results.
  • Submerge net bags in water at recommended rate and allow bag to float close to water surface. Barley straw may initially release colouring into water.
  • Place near well oxygenated areas eg. pumps, waterfalls, inlets.
  • Replace straw every 4-6 months.
  • To maintain effectiveness, begin additional treatments one month prior to removing first bag.
  • Not recommended for ponds with less than 1sqm surface area.
Application Rate
Small Ponds
Large Ponds
Lakes, Dams & Rivers
Recommended rate = 50g per square meter of surface area
Calculation: barley straw required.

  • Rectangular ponds = width x length x application rate.
  • Circular ponds = 3.14 x radius squared x application rate.

Further treatments may be reduced to 25g per sqm once the algae is under control.

At excessive rates of 500g per sqm de-oxygenation of water may occur

For Best Results

  • Add Barley straw at the start of spring before the main algae growth season.
  • This product will not kill algae already present ( existing algae will eventually die ), but will prevent new algae growth.
  • In still ponds place the Barley Straw bags in the center as this encourages even distribution of natural inhibitors.
  • If more than one bag is required place bags equal distances around pond.
  • If straw starts to smell then it is not working due to the application rate being too high. Remove and replace with new bags at correct rate.
  • If net bag holes are restricted by algae or silt, clear by shaking or washing in pond water.